We'd Like To Welcome Lincoln Youth Football To the Latch Team!!

Carter Tells Us Why He Loves His Latches!!

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Sports Safety Coalition

We Are Proud To Announce Our Partnership with Mayfield Athletics, Athlete Intelligence, Impact Sports, LLC and Zuti Facemasks in the creation of the small business Sports Equipment Safety Coalition.  

The Next Generation of Helmet Security Technology

Helmets have changed dramatically over the past 80 years, how we keep them on our heads hasn't....UNTIL NOW!!!!

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The University of Nebraska Trusts the Latch

Click Play To Hear From the Head Football Equipment Manager, Jay Terry

Pee-wee Players Love The Latch

Little guys don't play as fast or hit as hard, but helmet security and ease of use are still issues with our younger players

Whether you are outfitting 10 players or 1000, get a hold of us for group discounts!

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Our Latch is Field Tested and Game Proven

From Pee-Wee Leagues To The NFL

Helmetless In The Pile Is Nowhere To Be

Metal Snaps Can Pop-Off, The Latch Doesn't

Heads Need To Be Protected

Don't let outdated chinstrap technology put your players at risk!

The Latch Is Trusted By Some Of The Best

Let us protect your players on their quest to be the best!


This is a product I stand behind. [We] have used this for 3 years. My son has never had his helmet come off or chin strap unbuckle.

Ramon Monstar Holmes (Parent)

The Wegener Safety Latch provides maximum protection for football players by ensuring that the mandatory certified helmets do not come off during impact leaving the player unprotected as so often happens prior to this product. Contact between the heads of helmeted players to the unprotected head of a player who has had the helmet come off is a high risk situation and this latch prevents that nearly 100%.

Robert D. Schimpff, MD – Board Certified Neuropathology and Neurology Physician

I absolutely love the Wegener Safety Latch. Our players love the fact that they don’t have to worry about their helmet snaps coming unsnapped after every high impact. I particularly like it because I don’t have to be constantly fixing broken snaps anymore."

Brad “Spider” Caldwell, Equipment Manager, Penn State Football

The Wegener Safety Latch puts your mind at ease knowing yours players will not have to exit the game because of their helmet coming off. It is one less worry on GameDay!

Paul Kelly, Equipment Manager, Temple University Football

The best latch system I have ever seen! We have had no issues with helmets coming off if the players use your latch system. Great product keep up the good work!

Mike “Mad Dog” Aanonson, Equipment Manager, Wyoming Athletics

Schools and Leagues Currently Wearing the Latch

University of Georgia

University of Nebraska

University of Wyoming

Glacier High School, Kalispell, MT

Glen Rock High School, WY

Fort Morgan High School, CO

Winneconne Community Schools, WI

Uintah Youth League Vernal, UT

Too Many Individual Players To List!!

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